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Please note: the information on this page contains the opinions of Jim Skeans and is intended as a guide only.  Please check this page periodically for updates. For the latest information check the vendor’s website. 
Choosing a Dealership Management System is extremely important.  Making mistakes in the selection process can be costly.  Check out the”Choosing your Next DMS” page on this website for more information on a better way to select your dealerships core technology solution.

​ACS Automotive Computer Services - provides comprehensive, windows based DMS solution.  Completely rewritten user interface provides for windows type point and click or direct access via executables.  ACS’ new custom report generator for Excel is also included. Visual Fox Pro database.  www.acsaccess.com

Adam Systems - A Windows based system with easy to use GUI using the Visual Fox Pro database.  Has most major interfaces and uses OXLO to integrate with others and provides third party payroll - DacEasy. http://www.adamdms.com/

 ADP ARG (former EDS) - 
Delivers solutions ranging from high-end consulting, IT and e-commerce strategies, to the most comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management software and services, and the management of business processes.   www.dealersuite.comwww.dealersuite.comwww.dealersuite.com

ADP’s w.e.b. Suite 1000 
(former Alliance) - is an ASP solution.  Products include; Design on Demand, Pre-Owned Vehicle Analyzer, Service System enhancements and various interfaces.  They also have a new CRM module and Vehicle Inventory Plus. http://adp.dealersuite.com/DSHome/ProductsServices/web1000us/

 is an integrated computing solution for some 25,000 plus auto, truck, motorcycle, marine and recreational vehicle dealers worldwide.  Current product, Drive boasts a new portal environment that represents the current evolution in their DMS technology.  Drive is the centerpiece of their portfolio and provides a GUI Executive desktop over the stable Unix/Linux Elite system.  The system is available as an in dealership server or as an ASP solution. They are also a GM IDSM provider. http://www.adpdealerservices.com/

Applied Computer Solutions
 - is a windows system based on the pervasive SQL database.  The company provides systems for used vehicle dealers and low volume new vehicle dealers that don’t require full manufacture connectivity.  Their software solutions are priced and available for download from their website. http://www.acs-soft.com/

ARKONA/DealerTrack -
 is IDMS certified providing a  Stable AS400 server based and available in  on demand ASP solution only.  A stable company that has been around for a long time, and now as a DeaerTrack company, more stable than ever.  Great graphics with a Windows interface and managed connectivity.  www.arkona.com

ASI - AutoSoft International
, a GM IDMS vendor and a windows based system is a widely used, fully functional DMS with most interfaces. AutoSoft’s Finance Assistant and their Traffic Cop set them apart.  Lots of users  and  local support. www.autosoft-asi.com/

Auto/Mate – AMPS - 
Automatic archiving, Linux server, Latest version is called AMPS, Includes integrated Chat / eMail / Dashboard / payment calculators  / integration between CRM and phone followup company. www.automate.com

DealerBuilt - LightYear Dealer Management Systems provides an open Windows system that features single, fully integrated SQL Database using a non-proprietary, open-source architecture.  They have the advantage of the backing of a CPA firm. The system is available for little up front commitments and monthly low support costs. http://www.lightyeardt.com/

DealerStar - Is an open MySQL/PHP DMS system with 3 versions; ASP lets you get to know DealerStar and you can use it for data warehousing and CRM. With DealerStar IT you own the code and you install on your own server.  DealerStar Reseller - where you own the code and you are a reseller.  Start with CRM/BDC/ reporting today - and design your DMS of tomorrow! www.dealerstar.com  

DPC Systems -
 is one of the lowest cost, stable Unix systems available.  They have provided computer systems for dealerships since the 70s.  The system includes all the basic modules and  they partner with a host of service provides such as OXLO and CarFax. http://www.dpcsystems.com/

Dubuque Data Services DMS solution is called Advantage. One of the lowest cost, stable Unix systems available and no complicated contracts.  They provide a complete system and partner with a host of providers such as oxlo, Carfax, DealerTrack, etc.  They provide DCS connectivity with GM, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota and other imports. http://www.ddslive.com/

Jarvis Computer Software - 
This Company is based in Winona, Minnesota, on the banks of the Mississippi River.  They use a Linux server connected to a window network.  JCS specialized in smaller dealerships tycipaly delivering five hundred vehicle or less annually.  They provide all the basic applications and partner with CarFax and Quality Assurance. http://www.jarviscomputer.com/

MPK Automotive Systems (MPK)
 - is built on Microsoft’s Dynamics™ NAV business platform. Which allows for flexible and cost effective solutions and they do not require long term contracts or force you to buy hardware from them.  MPK derives its name from Mark, Paul and Kyle - the partners who developed the system. http://www.mpkauto.com/.

NeoSynergy DARWIN XE - 
is a web-based enterprise automotive retail management system to run a dealership (or group) consolidated and in real-time.   They provide Software as a Service (SaaS) rather than traditional server-based solutions.  Fantastic web transaction interface integrated with Paycheck and Carfax. http://www.neosynergy.net/

PBS Systems, Inc
 - is based in Canada and is a Windows-based system.  They provide a strong Chrysler interface and have DCS connectivity with a host of other manufactures and lots of 3rd party interfaces.  They are willing to work with anyone.  http://www.pbssystems.com/

Quorum XSellerator - 
is based in Canada and is a GM IDMS vendor; Microsoft partner featuring to XSellerator the database has been converted to MS SQL Server and supports enhanced reporting and enhanced connectivity to MS Office.  http://www.quorumdms.com/

Reynolds & Reynolds
 - merger with UCS makes them largest U.S. provider of dealer software and services.  They now provide two basic systems ERA® and POWER® with ERA available in two basic services.  ERA XT is the server in dealership solution with ERA XDT their ASP solution.  They have a full complement of applications and documents for every aspect of dealership operations. www.reyrey.com

Systems 2000-Galaxy - 
Windows-based system from Florida, Microsoft Access Database.  Also provides systems to RV and Motorsports dealers.  They currently provide certified DCS interfacing to Ford, GM and Chrysler.  http://www.sys2.com/