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Computer Cost Containment‚Äč

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Rationalizing the dealerships computer services costs and systems viability consulting
This cost containment analysis revolves around three basic services.

   1) Basic billing analysis: Compare your prices to my extensive database of dealer pricing and give advice on some common "sink holes". "Sink holes" being applications that are flawed or notoriously hard to use. This can include dialing into your dealerships computer system to establish and give advice on setups and utilization. 
   2) Basic billing analysis in conjunction with contract analysis. Adding the contract to the analysis establishes that the billing is in compliance with the original contract pricing and terms. I have experienced billings out of compliance with their contract pricing as well as terms such as price increase caps, etc. I have also experienced dealers being charged for applications and/or hardware that they did not have. Refunds are usually forthcoming in these cases. 
   3) Basic billing and contract analysis as well as on-site survey of utilization. This is the most powerful analysis and usually gets the best results. Face to face interviews with your staff and my own personal observations provide a more accurate and detailed analysis. This type of analysis is most effective at establishing underutilizing and duplication of services. This in-dealership consulting includes analysis of all systems, procedures and protocols.