My Personal Audit Checklist - Utilization Score Worksheets

We perform on-site computer utilization consulting of ADP, Reynolds + Reynolds, and other computer systems

Using a scorecard we find out the utilization percentage of the dealership’s computer systems and suggest ways to better use the systems to eliminate manual or redundant processes and to provide management the information they need to increase profitability. 

As we evaluate the system, we work “one-on-one” with each manager and employee to help them understand how to the use the system. 

This includes a review and audit of your computer billings. This in-dealership consulting also includes analysis of systems, procedures and protocols.

Our on-site visits provide a 10 to 20-page detailed-documented evaluation report that can be used as a reference document. At the end of the on-site engagement we provide a re-cap session and a comprehensive follow-up phone visit to go over the report and look for any difficult areas that might need reinforcement. We discuss with the individual managers any questions that they may have and verify that the new processes and protocols are being followed.

Monitor Results

Some of the systems and process changes may take 3-6 months to see results. To help sustain momentum and keep on track with the new processes, many dealers have found that a follow-up visit some months after the first visit is beneficial. 

Computer Utilization

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