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Thinking of Changing DMS Systems?
Are you paying too much for your current system?

Are you ready for an alternative computer system? Could one of these new systems really save you thousands per month? There are over 20 choices today and it’s difficult to figure out which one is best for your dealership.

What you do:
Complete the order form below and send it along with the $3,500 payment (add $500 for additional dealerships.) Be sure and indicate if you need the ADP, R+R or UCS workbook. I’ll then send you a workbook.

After the workbook arrives, you complete and send it back to me with your current billing from ADP, R+R, or UCS. If you have any special concerns, include them in the workbook and I will address these. If you already have bids from ADP, R+R, UCS — please send those.

What I do:
First I'll review your existing DMS billing and bids and note any items that I feel you are paying too much for – or any items that in my experience tends to be under-utilized and could be dropped.

Next, I’ll take the information you provided me and find the best 2-3 alternative vendors based on your situation. If you already have ADP, R+R bids, I’ll let you know which one I’d pick and provide you with the lowest price another dealer has paid for the same system.

I’ll rank these 2-3 vendors as my first, second and possibly 3rd choice and tell you why.

If I feel strongly that you should stay on your existing system, I’ll give you my reasons why and for how long – but I’ll still recommend my top 2-3 alternative systems.

The cost of this consulting and report is $3,500 (plus $500 per additional dealerships) and should be done when you have 2 years left on your existing contract or more. Contact me for rush jobs.


Order Form: Existing system ___ADP ___ R+R ___UCS _________Other

Date contract expires:_________________

Please include your current monthly billing

Mail with a check for $3,500 (plus $500 per additional dealerships) to:

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Choosing your Next DMS

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